Cold and Ugly (bigmouthinacoma) wrote,
Cold and Ugly

OK so I realize this song is well over a year old but here are my thoughts on it anyway.

"Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie is a really fucking good song, despite some seriously insipid lyrics. But then you watch the video. Now, the idea of the song is "I'm vulnerable and sensitive and I need to grow up" that's fine. But in the video she's parading around in a dress shirt and underpants. I'm not harping on it as a prude old person or whatever but it just completely takes me out of the mood of the song when it's like "hey remember when I was a kid? That was awesome but now I'm shy and need some time on my own" RIGHT AFTER SHE CLEARLY FUCKED SOME DUDE'S BRAINS OUT.

Of course, this is also the same ugly woman who makes a living by recording songs about how hot she is and how every guy ever wants to have all kinds of weird sex with her so I don't even know anymore.

So I just found out that this girl I went to college with is engaged, and that's cool and all but apparently my competitive spirit had laid dormant for too long and I started getting pissed. Not so much at her but more at myself for not being engaged by now because I'm pretty sure I've been with Maureen longer than she's been with her fiancee. Since when did I have these impulses? When did I need to be the first to do anything?

I dunno, when it was Brian and Rebekah that was fine because they were together way before I'd even met Maureen. Ditto for Alysa and Rick. But like, I remember talking to this girl about problems she was having with an ex like two years ago. MAUREEN AND I ALREADY LIVED TOGETHER THEN. Am I just being too slow at proposing? It seems like a good idea, but in my head, engagement=marriage=babies which neither of us are even close to being capable of handling right now, so maybe that's part of the problem.

I dunno. Every love song ever makes me think of her so I guess that's a good sign.

Also, I think I pulled a muscle in my side and exacerbated it at schlock rehearsal today. Apparently I can't stay healthy.

Man I'm all over the place today.
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I'm glad you're a brave enough person to admit to liking that song. I kind of do too, but it's mixed up with all sorts of bad associations of stupid people I work with, who were obsessed with it.