Cold and Ugly (bigmouthinacoma) wrote,
Cold and Ugly

So hey since we (by which I mean I) are on the subject of inappropriate wardrobe decisions from pop music videos. . .

OK, so imagine for a moment that you are Christina Aguilera. Yes yes, take your clothes off and look at yourself. Get it out of your system. Anyway, imagine that you are her and you have this song about loving yourself for being a beautiful and unique snowflake. And you want to make a video about it where a girl overcomes an eating disorder and another girl decides she doesn't need to lose a million pounds and gay people kiss on a park bench and that's great. The song is about the same thing as the video.

But for fuck's sake, TAKE THAT THING OUT OF YOUR NOSE. And yes, I realize that this video is roughly five years old, but god dammit I hate the whole "The point of this is something counter-intuitive to pop stardom, but we still need our pop star to look like a sexy pop star."

At least XTINA cleaned up a bit once she started having kids, but I can still complain about her old videos right?

Sometimes I think too hard about the wrong things.
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