Cold and Ugly (bigmouthinacoma) wrote,
Cold and Ugly

OK so I just watched an Upright Citizen's Brigade show (not the show that was on comedy central, but a show they did for an audience in NYC and I guess they just happened to record it) and man. I want to be in a successful improv troupe. Well, Schlock is successful in a manner of speaking, but I want to perform in front of people I don't already know. I think that's pretty reasonable.

Kari's been IMing me lately which is cool. She's one of those people I met in college who I never really hung out with enough. And now that I think about it the same goes for her sister. I KNOW AT LEAST ONE OF YOU HAS LIVEJOURNAL. GET ON THE TROLLEY YOU FUCKERS. Anyway, she's bored and in New York (which is understandable because fuck New York especially if you don't know anyone there) so whatever. If people want to shoot the shit with me on the internet about music I'm always ok with that.

Hmm what else. . .Oh, The Wrestler won two Golden Globes and is nominated for two Oscars, even though it omg gives away the business. (spoiler alert: wrestling is fake) But now apparently Mickey Rourke and WWE are fucking it up by having Rourke appear at WrestleMania. WWE is like an abusive boyfriend I keep coming back to even though it makes me suffer through some pretty stupid shit. A rather labored analogy, I'll grant you, but I'm sticking to it.

Man I wish I had something in my actual life to write about. Classes started again and I had this one professor whose head was so far up her own ass it made me cringe. Seriously, I don't really care where you got your PhD or what super awesome magnet school you teach at. Stop putting yourself over and just teach me stuff. Seriously, she might as well have just whipped out her dick and a tape measure right in front of us. Of course this was also the same woman I had to challenge on the premise that it's unfair to judge history by the moral standards of present day, which basically means that slavery was OK because it was the 18th Century. Sorry but I think the people who were being raped beaten and murdered would have disagreed. I know they didn't have PhDs or teach at magnet schools, but, you know, I still trust their judgment.

I like that Maureen watches Superjail.
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